Basic window minium size

Hello raylib addicts!

I'm playing with the idea of a SUPER FUN & REVOLUTIONARY """unidimensional""" game, and I would like to ask if is there any way to make the window size (width in particular) around... 10 pixels, and even 1 pixel.

Any place where I should be looking for info or any specific limitation I missed.

Must say I have not really been investigating yet. Sry :P

That's all. Thaaanks!! :)


  • Hey Marc! The answer is: It's possible! :smile:

    A point to consider in desktop platform is that current window has an icon and maximize-minime-close buttons, despite the working area could be 10px by 1000px, an extra unused margin is added to place the buttons on the window...

    Next question: is possible to remove window buttons and icon? Yes, it is. Right now is internally configured in raylib but I can expose that functionality with a flag if you really need it.

    Keep up with the great work! :wink:
  • Good to know! It's okey, I don't really need it. Was just a fun extra visual fact/experiment.

    Thanks for your answer!

    Gonna post the game here when finished so everyone can decide if it needs a 1 pixel width screen or not :P
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    Sounds great to me Marc! :smiley: Don't miss raylib 1.6! It includes amazing new features! ;)
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