Setup guide for OSX w/ Atom?


My goal is to use my Mac and Atom to construct a game, that I eventually want to deploy on Raspberry Pi.

I'll admit, I'm a bit of a noob. So please try to be patient with me.

I've built some games in Pygame, and a lot of Arduino projects in C, but I'm having difficulty getting tooled up and getting one of the example games to compile properly.

I was wondering if anyone has been using OSX and Atom, or is aware of a good setup guide?

I believe I've got the required libraries installed, I'm using the "gcc-make-run" package and I'm getting an issue with "Undefined symbols" which all reference: rlgl.o. The only guide I could find in the wiki refers to setup for XCode, but that seems like overkill for what I'm trying to achieve.

I'm also wondering, once I've got the dev environment setup on my mac, what is the best way to transfer and execute the game on my Raspberry Pi?

Previously with Pygame after configuration, I could simply SCP the file over, and execute from console using python. What will I need to do differently using raylib and C++ to do something similar?


  • Hi Tucker! Let's try to make it work!

    About OSX setup and Atom, I'm sorry but I'm neither an expert on Mac, actually, I've never had a Mac, some other users wrote the steps from the Wiki... additionally, never used Atom editor, don't know how building config works... sorry...

    But, well, raylib does not have lot of dependencies, only 3 external libraries in OSX (GLFW3, OpenGL, OpenAL), here it is some more info:

    Personally, I think the best way to compile the game for RPI is just send the files to the RPI with SCP and compile there. Another way would be using a cross-compiler for OSX to compile for RPI, could be complicate. With Pygame (Python) it's probably easier due to the interpreted nature of the language, also executed code is slower.

    The easiest way is to automatize files uploading to RPI and compile there, probably SCP allows to do that via command line.

    Sorry for not being more helpful, please keep me updated with your progress... :)

  • Thanks! I was actually able to get it compiling today. I just needed to add linking for the library dependancies of GLFW3. I'll try and put together a YouTube video of how I got it setup for others in the future.
  • For anyone else who stumbles on this, I used "gcc-make-run", after compiling raylib from source using the instructions on the wiki, I copied libraylib.a to /usr/local/lib and raylib.h to my working directory. I then added: "-libraylib -lglfw -framework Cocoa -framework OpenGL -framework IOKit -framework CoreVideo" to the "Link libraries" field in the "gcc-make-run" preferences page.
  • Hey Tucker! Glad to read you manage to get it working! :smiley:

    Thank you very much for the additional info, it could be helpful for other users!
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