Hi, my name is Rafael Oliveira, I studied c and c++ some years ago in the university but eventually I switched to others languages. Now I decided to study again (because I forgot many things), and I picked raylib to use together.

I decided to port something very simple, the Bunnymark test, some engines use it to show how many bunnies it can show on screen at 60 fps. Its not a real benchmark but its funny.


There is a issue, I dont know if its a bug or its just the limits of the engine, but the app crashs with ~4070 bunnies. The error is: MAX_QUADS_BATCH overflow


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    Hi Rafael! Welcome to the forum! :)

    Actually I also created the raylib bunnymark some months ago!

    raylib uses a kind of batching system by texture for every quad drawn on screen, if you're using raylib 1.6, that limit is quite low (4096). This limit has already been reviewed for raylib 1.7 on github develop branch (https://github.com/raysan5/raylib/tree/develop), also, when reaching the batch limit, batch is drawn automatically and starts refilling again.

    Despite the limits issue is solved and you can deploy +180K bunnies if you want, performance is not as good as it should be, it seems I'm creating some stall when uploading vertex data and frames drop at 40K bunnies or earlier... Im working on it...
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    Interesting game! I think it is similar to indian dreaming free play but thanks a lot for sharing it!
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