The music stream stops x_X (Se para la música en streaming)

Hey Ray,

I'm one of your students in CEV (BCN). First of all I want to give you the Merry Christmas, the Happy New Year, and my best regards.

Secondly I need some help with Raylib, this afternoon I was programming the Final Pong, when i decided to play the song that I had prepared for the game, I put the InitAudioDevice(); and the PlayMusicStream("Pong_1.ogg"); with the CloseAudioDevice(); in the De-initialization but, I dont know why, at the milisecond of starting the game the song stops.
I dont know how to solve this problem so I would apreciate some help.

Thanks for your atenttion. (And sorry for my horrible english)


  • By the way I want to text you here a strange message of the Raylib compiler when I execute the game: AL lib: (EE) MMDevApiMsgProc: Unexpected message: 49323
  • Hi DevilApe, happy holidays for you too! :)

    When you stream music, you must keep updating buffers with audio pieces. Just call function: UpdateMusicStream() in the main loop, in the update section. That will refill the audio buffers.

    The MMDevice error is related to OpenAL and the device used to play audio... It shouldn't be an issue...
  • It works! Thank you very much RaySan ^_^
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