Hi ! I'm Artist-Programmer ?

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Hello !

My name is Dorian, I am 23 years old, Born in 1994 and French.
Autodidact in the soul.
I'm more Artist than Programmer (but I'm learning).

I am passionate about all forms of art, especially digital and multimedia.
Adoring the videos games and especially since I played my first FPS (Unreal Tournament at 10-12 years in mutli, I find it completely fun)
And even more so when I discovered Quake with that physical non-standard!
I also about 5 years at least on Urban Terror that I find far more cool than CS I hate.
I test all Arena / Fast-FPS or Old School :)

In short I have always been attracted by anti-conformist things.
And often have desires / thoughts to have been born before.

Audio (8 Years of Experience *)

I listened to sounds complex and repetitive when I was between 8 and 12 years old.
Mainly in the underground electronics genre. (Techno, Tribe, Hardtek, Hardcore)
Then start creating music in 2009 towards 14 years with Audacity and FL Studio.
Over time I have perfected myself in order to create and experiment in various styles.
I love mixing noise / glitch / chiptune / IDM with ambient / drone psychedelic athmospheres.

I have no limit, I have rejected it incessantly.
- Working with a slow or fast BPM (Tempo) (between 10 and 999, see more)
- Composition with noise (sound card)
- Various recording of my voice (singing / speaking / screaming, beatbox and whistles ...)
- Program a logical sequence of codes with IBNIZ (http://pelulamu.net/ibniz/)
- Use of Loligo (http://vanjacuk.de/loligo/)
- Play acoustic guitar, flute, melodica, djembe, harmonica, piano
- Circuit / Data bending (game boy color, radio and toys for children)
- Improvised Techniques, MIDI, Granular synthesis, Tracker and others.

If you want to listen, it's here: https://soundcloud.com/loubitek
My album: http://www.artskorps.org/labels/192-knet-label/462-k-net-34-loubitek-catharsis.html
Or a search on Youtube with my pseudo LoubiTek, see "Speedcore Network"

Graphics / Level Design (7 Years of Experience *)

For 2D
I start making small editing using Photoshop with http://www.renders-graphiques.fr/
Then I learned the basics of Pixel Art as well as Digital Painting.
Some creations based on the vector rather than matrix.
Although I am not a real draftsman, I sometimes try to take a pencil / pen and a paper sheet from time to time.

- I now use software like Krita, Photofiltre, Inkscape, Pixeluvo
- Intensive use of filters and layers!
- Composition as with audio for a very psyche rendered ^^

For 3D
I know how to use Wings3D to create low poly objects as well as the UV Mapping technique
Ref: http://linor.fr/forum/sujet-842p2-fps-recherche-un-dessinateur-d.php

-Exploration with GTKRadiant (Urban Terror,PK3 extension) and Unreal Editor (Unreal Tournament 99)
-Reflex maps: http://reflexfiles.com/file/555 | http://reflexfiles.com/file/556

Here is the little link that goes well: https://loubitek54.deviantart.com/

Programming (6 Years of Experience *)
This really was a chaotic journey for me.
The reason is that I love reading everything and I quickly lost.

- Start with batch scripts about 15-16 years old.
- Wanted to learn C ++ with IDE Code :: Blocks.
Without success, far too complicate.
Particularly because of the OOP paradigm. Nevertheless this allowed me to have some bases.
- Learning of concepts with SDL / SFML / OPENGL libraries.
- Passage to the Python language that I did not like.
- Disappointed and discouraged, I have a good time.
- Much later, I resumed some tests with LÖVE and the language Lua.
- A little BASIC.
- Real advancement and good comphresention with Processing, https://processing.org/ (Based on Java) and (https://p5js.org/ for Javascript) !

My projects and contributions: https://github.com/LoubiTek

About the above
Latest French translation: https://github.com/magarena/magarena
In progress: https://itch.io/t/133740/how-to-implement-a-french-translation
Search for bugs/glitch in video games: https://github.com/hawkthorne/hawkthorne-journey

And to finish my Youtube link: www.youtube.com/user/MrLoubiTek
That shows FPS / Run / Jump and Bugs/Glitch.

In the future I would like.

- Learn Raylib =D Re-learn at the source !
- Make more Videos Games or Demoscene/Prototype
- Create maps (wad) for Doom. (Then why not Duke Nukem..)
- LiveCoding for Audio-Visual.
- Mastering concepts related to AI / Algorithms / Maths / Physics.
- Know the OOP to help me design and develop (Game Design/Pattern/Mecanic).
- Compile with DJGPP for DOS.
- To know the Assembler a little to reinforce the global comphresenion.
- Create Arts in general again and for Forever !

PS: * The asterisk present are just for informational and approximate..
It may not reflect exactly the exact number of years.
Given the breaks and multiple recovery in various domains.

Sorry if there are errors in my text, let me know if you do not understand or see you a disturbing stuff at your eyes.


  • Hi Dorian! Welcome to the forum!

    Wow! What an impressive resume! You've done a lot of things! :smiley:

    Let me know any question about raylib (or games dev) you have!

    Best luck in your journey! :)
  • Yes, I would not hesitate to ask questions!
    And thank you!

    I forgot to mention Shadron: https://www.arteryengine.com/shadron/
    That is a very useful software to see shaders directly in real time. \0/
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