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Hello all,

I've followed all the steps in the Wiki for compiling for OSX. https://github.com/raysan5/raylib/wiki/Compile-for-OSX
However, when I build and run my project I get one error (raylib.h file not found). I'm quite confused as I linked the header file as per the steps in the wiki

(Make sure XCode finds raylib.h: Go to Build Settings > Search Paths and add raylib header folder (raylib-master/src) to Header Search Paths)

Does anyone have any ideas why I would be getting this error?


  • That's weird, it seems not to find the file header... paths configuration should work...

    You can try just copying raylib.h in the same folder as your .c file
  • When copying the file header into the same folder I end up getting the following error.

    linker command failed with exit code 1
  • That's an issue with paths, it seems not to find the library for linkage.
  • The issue appears to be ld: library not found for -lglfw.3.2 However I got this from the location stated in the Wiki.
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    I recomend checking path slashes. Also check how to set search paths in XCode. I hope it helps with something.
    (... looking at the tutorial slashes may not be a thing, well i at least gave a hint :| )
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