Linux 'x11' (GLFW) and 'Color' errors.

edited December 2017 in raylib: core
I am back to raylib.
Wanted to check version 1.8 .
So i have wrote sample code ("Congratulations! You wrote ..." aka Hello World) by hand and double checked if i spelled everything right.
Compiling... and error about missing references GLFW. Included GLFW's library along with header file. Again I can't build program becouse of some Linux x11 errors (undefined reference [seems like GLFW]).
Maybe using different compiler will give me something different? Changed compiler to clang. It showed me diferent output, but still errors, this time about colors (expected expression).

Source code and compiler's outputs:
Raylib was cloned from github. Built with OpenGL 2.1
I am running:
Virtual Box 5.1.30
Linux 4.13.12-1-ARCH (ARCH means i am running Arch Linux distro)
Max Supported OpenGL version : 3.0


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