Need help choosing a video card for raylib

I am on a BSD system and have been told this particular distro only supports up to the AMD 6000 series. So I was wondering which card of that series would be suitable for raylib programming? I thought of going with the top of the range, the 6990, but they say it gives off a lot of heat, and I really don't want to be in a hot room. So I was wondering what is the lowest one I could use with raylib?

Entry-level 64xx - 66xx
Mid-range 67xx
High-end 68xx - 6970
Enthusiast 6990


  • Hello Herolydh, welcome to the forum!

    Actually, you can learn coding with raylib using a 20 years-old computer. The minimum requirement is a GPU supporting OpenGL 1.1 (1992).

    But that would be a bit limited depending on the things you want to achieve so, a 4-5 years old computer is recommended, with minimum GPU support of OpenGL 3.3 (2010).

    The AMD 6000 series, all support at least OpenGL 4.1.

    By the way, haven't tried myself raylib on a BSD system, one user added support for it some weeks ago, just make sure to use GitHub develop branch!
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