need help to configure raylib using geany/code blocks

hello guys!

Need some help to configure raylib on geany or code blocks. I installed raylib on Solus Os (linux) and when I trying to run the code I getting a lot of "undefined reference to". How can I fix this?

Thank you in advance!


  • Hi swipis! Welcome to the forum!

    Basically, you need to configure libraries path and libraries linkage properly, here a small guide a user created:

    Let me know if it works! :)
  • Thank you raysan5 but I have no idea how to do this on linux...
  • now I getting cannot find -lraylib -lglfw3 -lopengl32 -lgdi32 -lopenal32 -lwinmm. this mean that I dont have all these installed?
  • Ok I tried to configure raylib on my linux system but no luck (if anyone will figured out how to configure please let me know!). But for now I found raylib-go and I can play around with raylib using golang. I hope in near future raysan5 will make some editor (for linux) like he did with notepad++.
  • Hi swipis, it seems the problem is paths configuration... are you using code-blocks?
  • Hey raysan5, I have code-blocks / Geany. But for other projects I using Visual Studio Code.
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    Hi, I've done this before with the Makefiles. Following works with some changes. Solus uses slightly different names and install locations than Debian for it's development packages. Basically, anywhere the raylib wiki calls for random-package-dev, look for similiarly named packages ending with -devel. The package names themselves don't match up exactly but I picked through and found what I needed. I don't currently have a Solus setup but if I remember correctly, it doesn't have a /usr/local directory so you'll have to make one with mkdir or customize the install target in the Makefile if you want to install formally. There is an additional issue with the name of the GLFW library. The examples/Makefile assumes your GLFW library is called libglfw3, -lglfw3 in the Makefile, but if you install GLFW through your package manager, the library is called libglfw, -lglfw in the Makefile.

    Anyway, there are lot's of little things to know if you're just getting started developing on Linux. One of the cool things about raylib is it's versatility but the Linux development environment is complex. Here is a collection of reference links,, I put together when working through raylib the first time.

    Anyway, I'll try to help if you still have questions.
  • Hi Rider8, thank you very much for your feedback and help with this issue! :)
  • I'm still figuring it out. It Would be nice to have a Linux package with an editor/editor setup included. Deciding what to include would be the hard part. It's on my Someday list. Anyway, thank you! for all the work you're doing. You say you're busy with other stuff but updates keep coming. It's awesome.
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