where to start?

I am completely new to C programming and am very interested using raylib but there is quite a bit of lingo here that I simply do not understand, does anyone have a good starting place so that I can get started?


  • Well, actually, some basis on C programming would be required. Usually, I teach about 16-20hours of C programming before jumping to raylib.

    Once in raylib, I work mainly with examples.
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    There are a lot of sources where you can find different guides and tutorials about C programming. I have used https://egaminghall.com site and youtube when I just started to learn it. You can try them too
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    When I started with 3D design and modeling, it cost me a bit to decipher some concepts and tools of the applications, and really one of the best aids I had was to look specifically for tutorial related to the issue with which I had the problem .. Today by today and grown a lot in what I do here I leave the limk to see what I do.
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