Looking for raylib ninja to help with project

Hello all!

I have a raspberry Pi0 project that I'm working on, using a 3.5" TFT display. I need to convert several older flash based animations into interactive raylib screens (because flash support on the pi is dismal).

The main issue using the flash animations is performance along and frame rate, especially when running in a resource heavy gnome desktop.

These animations are based on Star Trek LCARS interfaces.

I would like to create a sort of shell for these animations, using a signal from a GPIO pin (from a touch sensor) to toggle through the animation screens.

I have the flash animations, sounds etc, but most will more than likely need to be refactored completely into raylib assets. The only reuse would probably be the sounds and the outline of the screens.

If anyone has the time to take on a side project (no deadlines), let me know your rates/compensation requirements. I will also send along my project files for your review.

Thank you.


  • Hi! Could you share some GIFs with the animations for reference?
  • Hello. The files are SWF animations - and also contain sound. I tried to convert to gif, but apparently the SWFs are compressed, so online converters are no luck. How can I share the SWF's?
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