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I'm going to inagurate this section with not a game D: But well, it's even funnier than a game... it is... Fun With Easings!!!

I was modifying the AHEasings library in order to make it use the t,b,c,d values, when I decided to apply all them on a rectangle, in order to test them and well, write some code also.

So I finally developed: FunWithFlags_v1.0 (Desktop Edition). I'll upload the browser edition someday... soon... I hope.

Okey, here it is:!7ENRQLob!y8De-UcLVKDt2hneozLUjbdaS5KfZGLBi5sPjTxFdQ0

I think CEV Barcelona students are going to like it, but please, it's just a joke.

Sooooo that's all. I'll also upload the source code and the super easings library... soon.




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