Hey ho!

Salutes to you all! I'm a front-end programmer with framework-fatigue looking to hone my rusty C. Raylib seems like a great place to start. I've been using the usual game engines like Unity, Unreal and Godot quite a lot but was looking for something a little less bloated but still fast (as in development-time fast)*. There are some gems in JS territory, but I prefer native in my free time since I get enough of insane build pipelines, http requests and cross-browser weirdness at work :P.

I hope I can eventually contribute something to this project. I really believe we need more approachable game development frameworks, and Raylib seems like the most promising I've seen in a while. Really loving the architecture!

I'm looking forward to getting my first Raylib-powered game running!


*Well, Godot isn't bloated, but I want to do some C and can do without the GUI.


  • Hey foldover! Welcome to raylib!

    Main goal of raylib is simplicity, I created it to be simple to use, simple to compile, simple to tweak, simple to configure, simple to understand, simple to play with...

    Hope you enjoy using it! :)
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