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Hello mai diar community,

I am developing a small causal game in order to practice, learn and have fun with raylib. So, as raylib does not include any 2d maths library (As far as I know... raymath is 3d-orientated, and there are no more related srcs, I think) I decided to write a really simple and small one, which contains only the operations I was needing each time when developing the game. The game is still under development, so, the library also does.
I am posting it because maybe someone want to use or improve the library, or even learn through it, who knows.

In the other hand I am implementing the Math For Game Developers videos () on raylib projects, it's pretty interesting, but I'm jus starting with them so the both examples uploaded (1 to 14 videos) are really really really simple. But I would love to upload and practice all the videos "teachings" even if some of them are really simple. So, again, if someone wants to take a loot at them, they all are uploaded in my GitHub, so maybe not today, but in some weeks, there will be some great examples. (I always try not to implement them in the most easy way).

My GitHub:
c2dmath library:
MFGD examples:

Gonna go to sleep, cya.


  • Thank you very much Marc! Very interesting info! All the game programming students should watch this videos! :D
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