I stumbled upon Raylib on HackerNews and have tinkered with it a little bit since then. I felt I needed to congratule the author for such a nice piece of work! I love how portable the system is and the efforts taken to make it as self contained as possible. The API seems very clean and straightforward... I was starting to code my own thin layer API on top of SDL to be able to do some quick coding for simple stuff (mostly for internal tools and teaching), but raylib just gave me that.. thanks!

Starting on August I will teach a course for undergraduate students in Video Game Programming and I'm seriously considering using raylib for that.

I'm a indie game developer from Mexico btw... working on my 1st commercial game. You can check the website at www.colossalheadgames.com although it's pretty basic at the moment :)

Keep the good work!

P.S. love the small demos in the examples section, are they running in Web Assembly?


  • Hello rixarn!

    Glad to read you like it! Nice! :D

    It's been 5 years of hard work to date and I'm very happy with current results! Still a lot to improve! :)

    Please, let me know if you use it with undergraduate students, library has been developed primary for students, so, it should work great on that field.

    I checked your game! I love retro style games! Great work!

    Web examples are compiled with emscripten, currently uploaded ones are compiled to ASM.JS but they can be compiled to WebAssembly just changing one compilation flag.


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