NumPad Input

Hello. I noted that there are no built-in key codes for the number pad keys and I couldn't seem to find ascii values for them after some searching. Is it possible to use IsKeyDown()/IsKeyPressed() to query them?


  • Looks like they are 96 - 105 but don't seem to register with the Key functions.
  • GetKeyPressed() returns numpad key codes identical to the regular numbers on the keyboard; however, using these values with IsKeyDown()/IsKeyPressed() elicits a response for the regular keyboard numbers but not the numpad. I guess I will try and look at those functions and see if these values get altered there for some reason.
  • hey! yes, those values are altered internally, they should be 320-329

    raylib just uses glfw3 internally:
  • Thank you!!!!!!! :)
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