I am not complaining by any means as RayLib is awesome and has opened many doors for me and been a catalyst to learning things I never thought I would... but I wonder if there is a possibility that lights/lighting will be revisited in future versions of RayLib? :)


  • Lighting was added at some point and later removed. The reason is because there is not an standard lighting model, is highly dependant on the user to choose the lighting model more appropiate for its game. For that reason, it's better that user codes its own shaders for lighting.

    In any case, there was a lighting sample... but currently it needs review:
  • Thanks for the response. I understand. The task feels a bit overwhelming to me currently but hopefully by the end of this project I will be up to it. I think when I tried to review that example early on I got some compiler errors related to the material.maps[] lines. I think for my project, a set of point lights will do the trick. I will try again once I am a bit further along - the additional compile debug info with 2.0 is very helpful to me.

    Is the default shader capable of this? (possibly a dumb question?) :blush:
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