DrawTriangle function not working

Hello! I decided to put raylib to to test and recreate in it all processing examples covered in the book Generative Design (I want to make them public!). On third example I ancoured problem with DrawTriangle function. Basicly it isn't working. I have no idea what may seems to be the problem, when I printf values of each cornes (line 78) they seems to look ok but whey I making Vecto2 structures out of them they seems to mess them up.


Please help!


  • Hmmm DrawTriangleLines is working properly. That's strange...
  • check vertex order, it must be counter-clock-wise!

    keep me updated about examples porting! it seems a super-interesting initiative! :)
  • edited August 12
    Thanks Ray! I will public the repository when I'll have completed first chapter examples. 3 done, 3 to go!
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