IQM Animation Example Crashing

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..always on first run and outside directory. all other examples works outside except for this one. somehow tied to the LoadAnimationFromIQM() function. btw, it works and no problems with @culacant repo here:


  • It should work... in any case, IQM integration into raylib is still under development.
  • Yes it does work as I have tested and it's weird. Again when recompiling and on first run it crashes, next runs it works ok. If I put it outside the folder it fails and crashes. I copied the whole folder just make sure. I'm on Win7 64bit MinGW32.

    I even tried building it as suggested somewhere here:
    mingw32-make PLATFORM=PLATFORM_DESKTOP foldername/sourcefile

    I see and understand if that is the case, thanks Ray.
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