TapToJump_v1.0 (Cube/Triangles runner)


As the actual TapToJump version is pretty stable, I decided to share it with everybody! :P

It is a small prototype of a "Geometry Dash" or "The Impossible Game" etc, etc.

It has only one map atm (although u could easily modify it if u respect the 500x16 size) and well, it's pretty simple and the cube collision must be improved, but I think it works as a prototype.

So, If you want to give it a try, you can download it from GitHub or from mega.

Mega (build): https://mega.nz/#!6IdnjLpD!WGhWeU9jxs3ckGy9_KEYv0Vhqy3EvlfC3lMz-FtZvPE
GH (build + source code): https://github.com/MarcMDE/TapToJump

PD: Some people is having problems with openal32.dll, it is included in the build directory, and even if they copy it to system32 it keeps crashing. Any idea?



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