Ray Mario (Super Mario Remake)

Some months ago, I started a little super mario remake using raylib. In development process, I needed a way to calculate physics for all characters so I decided to create a basic 2D physics module (Physac). After a week, I finished it and kept working on Ray Mario. Finally, I built four levels with one basic enemy.

Demo video: https://goo.gl/188pZY

The levels are built based on textures reading pixels. Every level texture has ground positions, decoration positions, enemies positions, flag position and castle position, so it is so easy to create infinite levels always with that minimum requeriments (to avoid errors...). Character and enemies uses the same data types to calculate physics (Transform, Rigidbody and Collider) so ApplyPhysics() function from Physac module does almost everything to reduce code length and make it simple...

Windows Build: http://goo.gl/onXly3
Web Player: http://goo.gl/wdSqGm

Physac module is currently available in develop branch of raylib github repository and will be released on raylib 1.4. I'm currently improving it and adding some interesting features... I hope many students develop games easily with this :D


  • Awesome. I will have to improve my dear TapToJump like hell to reach this level :tongue:

    Srsly, great job ^^
  • Hi fisac! AWESOME! Congrats! :D

    Webpage also looks great, I just miss some info about the controls and requirements to finish the level (get all the coins). Despite those details, it's a great work! Keep it up!

    Maybe you can share your game in the new raylib games web (http://www.raylib.com/games.htm) ?
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