raylib 1.4 released!

No more waiting! raylib 1.4 has been finally released!

Some of new features include:

- New set of Image manipulation functions to crop, resize, colorize, flip, dither and even draw image-to-image or text-to-image.
- Improved SpriteFonts system with support for AngelCode fonts (.fnt) and TrueType Fonts (using stb_truetype helper library).
- New physac physics module for basic 2D physics support.
- raymath module reviewed and converted to a header-only file for easier portability.
- gestures module redesigned and simplified, now it can process touch events from any source, including mouse.
- Raspberry Pi input system redesigned to better read raw inputs using generic Linux event handlers.
- Other important improvements: raycast system for 3D picking, two simple functions for persistent data storage and an easings module for values animation.
- Up to 8 new code examples and +10 complete game samples including some classic games like Arkanoid, Asteroids, Missile Commander, Snake or Tetris.

Enjoy making games! :)
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