Hi! I've created this simple project for reproducing TicTacToe!
I'm using C++, so I've created some basis classes that interfacing with Raylib.

The major problem are fonts: I've wrote this software when there isn't yet Raylib 1.4. I will update it in the future.
Another problem is the paradigm: I'm learning OOP, but Raylib is not written in OOP "view".

I really like Raylib. It provides clean function and it's simple to learn.

Now the software works only on GNU/Linux, because I'm writing the Makefile from scratch (I'm learning how to write it).

Some screenshots:
* https://raw.githubusercontent.com/LelixSuper/TicTacToe/master/screenshots/default.png
* https://raw.githubusercontent.com/LelixSuper/TicTacToe/master/screenshots/win.png

TicTacToe is free and open source software, it's relased under the MIT license.
Sources (there aren't yet binaries): https://github.com/LelixSuper/TicTacToe

Really thank you Raysan! I'm learning how to use git related to development my project!


  • Hi LelixSuper! Great game! Congratulations! :D

    Thanks very much for releasing the code! It would be very helpful for other students!

    I just improved fonts module in new raylib 1.4, now it's a bit easier to use, you can load ttf fonts directly. About makefiles, you can check raylib templates for some reference: https://github.com/raysan5/raylib/tree/master/templates

    Keep it up with the good work! :)
  • Hi Raysan, I've a question for you: there is a method to edit (or create pull requests) the raylib Wiki on Github as Github user?
    I'll want test your tutorial to compile raylib on GNU/Linux (also my tutorial), and if I find a bug or errore I don't know how to resolve it!
  • Hi LelixSuper, you should be able to edit the Wiki just being logged in GitHub. Please, let me know if you can not.
  • Hi Ray, It seems that I can edit the Wiki :)
  • It is said that files was removed :(
  • Oh... Im sorry, it seems the user remove the project... :(
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