Fun With SAT Collisions (convex poly vs convex poly)

It's finally UP!!! The new "Fun With"... demo is here. This time, from the "I want proper collisions for my wonderful Tap To JAmp v2.0" creator...

Fun With SAT Collisions!!! ^^

Well, I decided to implement the SAT in 2D (Separating Axis Test (It's not a theorem!!!)) since I was needing it for my new Tap To JAmp version (2.0) So... that's it.

I developed a small demo in order to test it and... test it... and... share it ^^, I suppose.

That's all for today. Here is the playable demo:

Have fun with it.

Note: Keep the center of the polygon on the middle screen during the edit mode :P

Note2: The library is not awesome, although some secondary functions could be improved ("Update like" ones), it works pretty well. So, if this library can be useful for the raylibs shape module, would be really interesting making it part of raylib. Anyway, the library was created with the only intention of being used in Tap To JAmp 2.0 and learn.


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