Tap To JAmp 2.0! Awesome improvements!

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It's happening, Tap To JAmp is finished with awesome improvements!!!

Play it here: http://marcmde.github.io/TapToJAmp_v2_0/
Source code: https://github.com/MarcMDE/TapToJAmp
(It needs some more comments and I have to reorder some code lines, should be done soon ^^)


Balanced speed.
New gameplay music and dead sound!
New awesome programmer art!!!
Regulable volume!!!
New titles!
Awesome OBB collision detection!!
Ultra charismatic character.
Bigger resolution!!
Attempts counter!!
Awesome particles!
Progress bar!!
Better optimization!
No texture atlas (lazyness :P)

The Tap To JAmp development ends now and here :O I have no intention to work in any other big update.. But it could receive some minor improvements, who knows ^^

I can only say that I've learned a lot with this project, and that I'm quite satisfied with the "final" result.

See ya. ^^


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