My name's Ilya Zarembsky & I'm working on a collection of 2D arcade games called The Splits. I'm feeling like raylib may be a good fit for the project - I plan to try it on for size in the next couple weeks, anyhoo. Thank you for making it!

What else, hmmm....I live in Brooklyn, walk around a LOT, I love to play poker, I teach game design as an adjunct, I did a game design MFA at NYU, I shitpost a LOT on Facebook.

My favorite games are the ones that seem like an extension of or a conversation with their creator, although I also like many relatively impersonal and glossy AAA games.

Nice to meet you!


  • Hi Ilya! Nice to hear you're trying raylib! Hope you enjoy it! :D

    There is not much movement on the forums lately, so thank you for introducing yourself!

    Right now we are working hard towards raylib 1.5, it's going to be a big boost over raylib 1.4; if you have any question or if you find any feature missing, don't hesitate to post it on the forums or write me a mail directly.

    By the way, nice to meet you too! :)
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