LoadSpriteFont() range

Can I draw Unicode letters with loaded font by LoadSpriteFont("foo.ttf") ?
If I can't, what is default glyph range and how can I manually assign(if can do manually)?


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    Hi ltfr!

    Unicode support is not directly implemented, TTF loading just loads 95 glyphs by default, from glyph 32 up to glyph 126. Default font height is set to 32 pixels and generated texture size is set by default to 512x512.

    All this defaults can be configured internally in raylib (inside text module): https://github.com/raysan5/raylib/blob/develop/src/text.c#L843

    I can expose a font-texture generation function with config parameters (such glyph range, texture size, glyph height) but not sure if I will have it ready for version 1.5. Do you need it urgently?
  • No, not urgent. Thanks for reply!
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