• Hello everyone.
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    Hi everybody, actually this discussion was a test... :P
  • Hi Raylib Fans.. I'm Dave Wilson in Wales,UK and a fan of the Raspberry Pi. I've bought a Pi3 and it is just FAB ! Using GEANY IDE and 'C' I've developed a program that reads from a max31855 and a K thermocouple to read temperatures from a glass kiln I am building upto 1200 degs celcius and the program also switches the kilns 240volt heating elements on/off too. It does this safely via RF wireless using standard RF sockets that plug into a 240volt wall socket. The Pi3 just uses a small RF tx module ( 5 euros ) to send the signals to the wall socket plug in device.

    I'm looking to use RAYLIB to graphically display the heating stages of the kiln and monitor the control signals and response of the heating elements. ( To run a successful glass firing kiln I need to have various slow Temperature ramp up/down/soak phases.

    Best wishes

    Dave Wilson
  • Hello Dave! Welcome to the raylib community! There is not much movement in the forum lately but I hope it will change soon with new release of raylib 1.5!

    Wow! Your project sounds very interesting! I'm an electronic engineer and I always like this kind of projects! :smiley:

    Good luck with your project! :smile:
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