Console support

I know maybe that is still early, but do you think it is possible to add support for the console (like ps4/xbox1,ps vita, 3ds) in the future?


  • Hi funkygallo! It would be great! Actually, due to the nature of the library (pure C, minimal external dependencies) porting raylib to any console system wouldn't be a complex task; most consoles have a OpenGL-style layer to access the GPU and also provide C-based SDKs.

    Right now there is no direct plans to port raylib to consoles but the library is growing really fast and upcomming raylib 1.5 is adding VR support (Oculus Rift)... maybe in a close future... ;)
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    yep, thank U for your time and effort.
    ...and hope to see soon the 1.5 version!
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