raylib 1.5 released!

Waiting is over! New raylib 1.5 is ready!

After 5 months of really hard work, here it is this new version with lost of new features:

- VR support: raylib supports Oculus Rift CV1 and, additionally, supports simulated VR stereo rendering, independent of the VR device.

- New materials system: now raylib supports standard material properties for 3D models, including diffuse-ambient-specular colors and diffuse-normal-specular textures.

- New lighting system with support for up to 8 configurable lights of 3 types: point, directional and spot lights.

- Complete gamepad support on Raspberry Pi: Now multiple gamepads can be easily configured and used; gamepad data is read and processed in raw mode in a second thread.

- Redesigned physics module: physac module has been converted to header only and usage has been simplified. Performance has also been significantly improved.

- Audio chiptunes support and mixing channels; added support for module audio music (.xm, .mod).

- Other additions include a 2D camera system, render textures (for offline render) and support for legacy OpenGL 2.1 on desktop platforms.

Enjoy new raylib 1.5!


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