Hello to all!

I have always been interested in game dev. I have been coding for fun, since 1978, but mainly for fun, and not as a career.
I have tried a lot of game frameworks, libs, but I have to say that Raylib hits the nail on the head for getting started, but not being too limited in power.

That, and I love C; I've never jumped to C++.

I also hope to use Raylib to create a livecoding environment for visuals and sound, so I will certainly need to contribute to the core and other modules, thus learning and having more fun at the same time.

Thank you for making this for us to use. I will try my best to contribute.

Eggy (Rob!)


  • You're welcome Eggy!

    It's great to have someone with so much experience in the forum! Hope to see some amazing projects soon! :D

    If you need help with any raylib internals, don't hesitate to ask here! :)
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