Example Android games or demos

Anyone have a good game or demo example of souce code in C to try with Raylib?

I understand how to build Android apps in Java, and I have all the necessary tools installed. Thanks!



  • Hello Eggy, what kind of sample do you need?

    You can try the Android project template that is installed with raylib in:

    Please let me know if it works for you!
  • Didn't see that, duh!
    I only looked in the games and examples subdirectories for an Android game or app. I'll try it out. Thanks so much!
    Is there anything Raylib doesn't cover! ;)
  • Actually, I see that most students have problems to compile their games for platforms other than Windows (specially Android and HTML5). I'm working on that... stay tuned! ;)
  • Maybe students and some adults, but honestly, it was a matter of a few typical programming bumps for me like finding folders (templates folder in the Raylib distribution vs. just the examples or games folder).

    Or copying a file that is in another directory (for the HTML5 example libraylib.bc needs to be in the example or current project directory). At least those were my only real issues - typical for trying out any new programming environment. Raylib is amazingly well-thought out and easy especially for a c-based lib!
    I commend you for it, really. Great job!

    How do you think a game developed in Raylib using rgl for an Android game would compare to a C++/NDK game that is predominantly OpenGL-based? My game idea is not too computationally demanding, but I am thinking on completing a serious game as an indie dev with Raylib. I just like how its working out so far for me. I have learned far faster with it than using other books with seemingly simple game engines.

    Thanks for everything!

  • Typo...I meant rlgl above...
  • Hey Eggy! Thanks for the comprehension and the good words! :smile: Still, I keep working on raylib to make it easier and clearer for newcomers to programming...

    About rlgl and NDK, not sure if I understand the question, if you mean in terms of performance, actually, rlgl is just a wrapper (very thin layer) over OpenGL ES 2.0 (Android OpenGL version), so with raylib you get the maximum possible performance (same as C++/NDK). The limitations you can find in comparison to other tools are just the advance 3d features currently not available out-of-the-box by raylib (but they can be coded by user if required). Also keep in mind that raylib is a low-level C library, it lacks some features from bigger engines that use OOP... despite of that, surely raylib can be used to code small and mid-size games.

    Just keep me updated with your advances! :smiley:
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