Debugging - Show command line on executing (minGW)


My first post on raylib forum, pretty stupid question, I guess, but I am not being able to solve it.

- In order to "debugg" using printf, I would like command line to execute after compiling/executing the .exe.
Well, the thing is that I thought I has just to remove the "-Wl,--subsystem,windows" flag on the compiler window, but this is not working actually, so... Well, this is basically my problem.

I suppose I have to add something on the "Executing" line, cause I can execute the program from the CLI and the "data" is showed when the line mentioned before is removed.

That's all, Thanks =D


  • Hi MarcMDE,

    You are right, just remove -Wl,--subsystem,windows flag on compilation.

    Notice that if you launch the .exe automatically from Notepad++, standard output is redirected to Notepad++ Console window. If you execute the program from the folder or the CLI, you can see the output directly.

    Actually, all the raylib information is directly displayed on the output window; if you do some printf(), you will see it in the same window.
  • I see. Not a real fan of this Notepad console, but it's OK.
    Thanks for the answer!

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