Hi to all

Just wanna say THX for the great library , for a while I was looking for something like LibGDX (Java framework) but in the C and then I saw youtube presentation from the Gamefromscratch site and I was " wow gotta try this " , and I did and all is working like a charm :) ,
now mingw and notepad combo are ok but I am using Pelles C IDE ( http://smorgasbordet.com/pellesc/ ) so I did recompile raylib for it ( glfw3 before that ) and it is working great , I can recommend it to try it yourself , the compiler has full support for C99 and C11 and recently one of the forum members updated all the headers from the MS latest sdk's ( http://forum.pellesc.de/index.php?topic=7017.0 )
and it is free :) ...

so one more thank you and to all people supporting raylib project...


  • Hi dancho! Thanks to you for trying raylib! :D

    I knew about Pelles but never tried it, I'm glad to read raylib works with this new IDE; I'll keep that in mind as an alternative to current IDE.

    Hope you enjoy using the library! Please, keep me updated with your progress! :)
  • hi raysan,
    well usually my first game when trying some new framework is flappy clone ,
    and I just finished coding , if you are interesting I can sent it to you via email
    ( sorry I dont have github account ) ,
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