Drawing over an existing texture

I have come across a need to make small incremental changes to a texture for piloting data in real time. What i want to do is draw a line on a existing texture without clearing the entire texture.

So far the only way i see of doing it is to draw the existing texture in to another texture, then draw that texture in to the original one and draw a line on top. The other way i see of doing it is to keep it as a image in CPU memory and do all the drawing on that while occasionally updating the image to GPU memory.

Is there a easier or more optimized way of doing that?


  • Hi Berni, I don't understand completely your problem... It shouldn't be a problem to just draw the texture and the info/lines over the texture in the usual way.

    One possible solution, use a RenderTexture2D to draw to texture first and then draw that texture to screen. That's the fastest solution.

    You can also use Image*() functions to work with CPU images but this approach is way slower than the texture route.

    If you send me a sample with an example of what you want to accomplish I can take a look.
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