GetMouseWheelMove not working for me?


I am trying to get GetMouseWheelMove working and am struggling a bit. In my own code (building on linux) when I scroll the mouse wheel I get +1 one frame and then -1 the next frame, this repeats as I continue to scroll. I have been reading mouse positions/keyboard input without problems.

Figuring I was doing something wrong I took a look at the scroll wheel example, second one down on the right. Scrolling that mouse wheel as much as I can :), along with randomly left clicking the screen results in nothing happening. This time I tried on both a windows 10 and a Linux machines.

Hopefully I am just missing something simple so any suggestions welcome?


  • Hi paulr, that's weird, it' should work ok... which mouse model are you using? did you install any special driver for taht mouse? could you try with another mouse, just in case?
  • Well this is a bit embarrassing, I power up the computer to find it is work perfectly! I guess I needed to reboot. There were some updates that had been applied while I was coding which I guess was causing some problems! Lesson learnt :smile:

    Thanks for your reply and while I am only really getting to grips with the library, I really like the simplicity of the api you have managed to create.
  • Glad to read you get it working! It started to worry me, trying to think the possible issue! :D
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