Issue with compiling "standard_game.c"

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Hi all, just installed raylib but I'm having some trouble compiling the examples. I'm currently using the custom Notepad++ editor on Windows.

When I run the given "raylib_compile_execute" script on the "standard_game" example in the templates folder, gcc can't find the functions defined in any of the "screen_*.c" files. It spits out around two dozen error messages that look like:

C:\Users\Sam\AppData\Local\Temp\ccgYIWqX.o:standard_game.c:(.text.startup+0x35): undefined reference to `InitLogoScreen'

only for every function. (Image for reference:

The main game file definitely includes "screens/screens.h", so I'm not sure how gcc isn't finding the related c files. The same problem occurs for me on the "advanced_game" example as well. Has anyone else encountered this and could offer advice?


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