Hey! raylib forum is closing!

After a year with not much movement in the forum I decided to close it.

The cost of maintaining the hosting is a bit high for the usage of the platform, updating the forum and managing it is also a bit cumbersome and the truth is that I'm already trying to maintain multiple other networks pretty more active than this forum.

I'll recommend you to move to the other raylib networks:

- For a forum style, use Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/raylib/
- For direct messaging and questions, use Discord: https://discord.gg/VkzNHUE
- To report issues, use GitHub: https://github.com/raysan5/raylib

- Also, remember you can contact me personally on Twitter: https://twitter.com/raysan5 or directly by mail to ray[at]raylib.com

If you feel generous, you can also contribute to the project on my Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/raylib

Thanks to you all for joining the project and help to improve it with your questions. Keep it up! :)

Best Regards,


PD. Closing will be effective by October 31th.

DrawTriangle function not working

Hello! I decided to put raylib to to test and recreate in it all processing examples covered in the book Generative Design (I want to make them public!). On third example I ancoured problem with DrawTriangle function. Basicly it isn't working. I have no idea what may seems to be the problem, when I printf values of each cornes (line 78) they seems to look ok but whey I making Vecto2 structures out of them they seems to mess them up.


Please help!


  • Hmmm DrawTriangleLines is working properly. That's strange...
  • check vertex order, it must be counter-clock-wise!

    keep me updated about examples porting! it seems a super-interesting initiative! :)
  • edited August 12
    Thanks Ray! I will public the repository when I'll have completed first chapter examples. 3 done, 3 to go!
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