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  • Hi rixarn! raygui is production ready, actually I've used it to create several published tools and aslo working in a bunch of private tools: https://raysan5.itch.io/rfxgen https://raysan5.itch.io/rguistyler https://raysan5.itch.io/rguilayout GuiTe…
  • hey rixarn! sorry, I miss your message! You're right, BeginDrawing/EndDrawing is quite straightforward. You can also avoid SetTargetFPS and control timming yourself inside the loop, at the end.
  • It should work... in any case, IQM integration into raylib is still under development.
  • That's great fossie! Enjoy!
    in Hello Comment by raysan5 August 14
  • check vertex order, it must be counter-clock-wise! keep me updated about examples porting! it seems a super-interesting initiative!
  • grass is an Image, it should be a Texture. Please, check raylib examples carefully.
  • error: 'image' undeclared (first use in this function); did you mean 'Image'? Texture2D texture = LoadTextureFromImage(image); // The Grass Land..... ^~~~~ …
  • ok, that's probably related to moving physics to main loop instead of using another thread... are you using physics_demo from master branch also?
  • if game works, you can ignore those warnings for now...
  • Not sure what the problem is... Are you using latest raylib from GitHub? It could be related to threading system... Could you try compiling with a newer MinGW version?
  • You should use raylib_makefile script when using templates.
  • hey oklabsoft! These days I'm out of the computer and it's difficult to write a long answer on my phone... but to improve performance, you should use a texture atlas, it should improve performance a lot! Also, what function do you use to draw the cu…
    in My Struggle Comment by raysan5 August 6
  • Lighting was added at some point and later removed. The reason is because there is not an standard lighting model, is highly dependant on the user to choose the lighting model more appropiate for its game. For that reason, it's better that user code…
    in Lighting Comment by raysan5 August 3
  • hey! yes, those values are altered internally, they should be 320-329 raylib just uses glfw3 internally: http://www.glfw.org/docs/latest/group__keys.html
    in NumPad Input Comment by raysan5 August 3
  • Hello rixarn! Glad to read you like it! Nice! It's been 5 years of hard work to date and I'm very happy with current results! Still a lot to improve! Please, let me know if you use it with undergraduate students, library has been developed prim…
    in Hello! Comment by raysan5 August 1
  • Most probably. But it shouldn't be a big issue, just recompile raylib from sources and then it should work ok.
  • It seems that the precompiled library is not compatible with your version of MinGW, if you want to use your current MinGW, you should recompile raylib library from sources. To do that, just go to raylib/src folder and execute in the command line: …
  • Use: C:\raylib\raylib\examples>mingw32-make PLATFORM=PLATFORM_DESKTOP core/core_basic_window
  • oh, I see, just create the folder C:/raylib/raylib/release/libs/win32/mingw32
  • That's related to mingw32 version, try updating to mingw32-w64
  • oooh! That sounds amazing to me! A Python binding was a missing piece for raylib! Please, keep me updated with your progress!
  • yeah, I'm aware of that issue...
  • Hey dancho! Thank you very much! It's been quite a lot of work but I really like the results. Not that much new features but building has incredibly improved and, finally, I get rid of external dependencies, I believe this will open lots of doors …
  • Are you working in Windows? I recommend using the Windows installer, it already setups everything for you.
  • Hi cfernandez! You can use LoadFontEx() in raylib 2.0. Maybe problem is in font scaling algorythm, just use: SetTextureFilter(font.texture, FILTER_BILINEAR);
  • Hi EnglishBob! Wekcome to the forum! At this moment, that's it, library and examples... also a cheatsheet with available functionality... Usage and examples are simple enough that you should be able to manage with it... In any case, I plan to sta…
    in Just arrived Comment by raysan5 July 23
  • Nice to read that!
  • Hey foldover! Welcome to raylib! Main goal of raylib is simplicity, I created it to be simple to use, simple to compile, simple to tweak, simple to configure, simple to understand, simple to play with... Hope you enjoy using it!
    in Hey ho! Comment by raysan5 July 11
  • Are you using latest GitHub raylib version? Seems related to an already corrected bug, some days ago.
  • Hi Brandon, Actually, in that example I draw everything for reference, just to explain the concept but in a real game you just see the sprite of the character running, you don't draw the full texture or the selection rectangle. The example just il…