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  • Thank you, Ray! I value your responses/advice very much but it is never a problem if they are brief, delayed, or you can't get to it at all. I will try to figure out how to group my 'block terrain' textures into an atlas. Right now, my models are…
  • Update: Switching to rendering near to far had very little impact on fps. Complicating my loop to skip objects that are not in the view took me from around 30fps to around 40fps. Most importantly, my brother (who works with me on non-coding aspects …
  • Thanks for the response. I understand. The task feels a bit overwhelming to me currently but hopefully by the end of this project I will be up to it. I think when I tried to review that example early on I got some compiler errors related to the mate…
    in Lighting Comment by oklabsoft August 3
  • Thank you!!!!!!!
  • GetKeyPressed() returns numpad key codes identical to the regular numbers on the keyboard; however, using these values with IsKeyDown()/IsKeyPressed() elicits a response for the regular keyboard numbers but not the numpad. I guess I will try and loo…
  • Looks like they are 96 - 105 but don't seem to register with the Key functions.
  • Yes, thanks, that seemed to work. Got stairway rendered. I was experiencing some 'clipping' of sides but I assume this is because I made the model exactly 1.0000f^3 which is the size of all of my textured cubes as I draw. Scaling down slightly in bl…
  • Some noted differences between my .obj and the examples tower.obj: my .obj contains references to a .mtl file and tower.obj does not. my.obj contains no texture vertices and tower.obj does. faces in my .obj contain no middle number: ex. '2//5'. I …
  • Worked first try. Glad I asked. Thank you!
  • It looks like there is a gl.Viewport function out there. Maybe I will see if I can get at it but I feel like it won't be as easy as it seems like it should be.
  • Thank you!